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CT Twin Screw Extruders are the closely intermeshing co-rotating extruder.   CT Twin Screw Extruder mostly used for continuous compounding of polymers. Other applications can be processed through CT Twin Screw Extruder, i.e. fiber-filled polymers, de-gassing polymers, reactive blending, direct-expanded snack food, pasta, third-generation food pellet, starch modifications, etc . The screw elements are modular which can be easily change screw configuration or replace the worn-out screw element. The barrels can be selected to modular type or clam-shell type.


CT Twin Screw Extruder: 
CT Twin Screw Extruder can be 
   equipped with relevant auxiliary
   accessories i.e. die head and speed-
   adjustable cutter for producing various
• The structure of machine is specifically
   designed according to processing material
   and technology. 
• CT makes screws and barrels in various
   geometries and L/D ratios.
• CT can supply screws and barrels from
   many based materials, i.e. nitrided steel,
   chromium plating, tool steel, stainless
   steel, etc.

          Twin-Screw Extruder   
 CT Single Screw Extruder is mostly used for continuous shaping material through the extruder die. This shape generally changes to some extent as the material exits from the die.  Many different materials can be formed through CT Single Screw Extruder, i.e. thermoplastics, thermosets, rubbers, and food products. To improve the mixing efficiency, mixing screw element and grooved barrel may be used instead of regular screw and barrel.

Single Screw Extruder (เครื่องอัดรีดชนิดสกรูเดี่ยว) 
CT Single Screw Extruder:
• CT Single Screw Extruder can be 
   equipped with relevant auxiliary 
   accessories i.e. die head and 
   speed- adjustable cutter for
   producing various products.
• The structure of machine is 
   specifically designed according to
   processing material and technology.
• CT makes screws and barrels in
   various geometries and L/D ratios.
• CT can supply screws and barrels from
   many based materials, i.e. nitrided
   steel, chromium plating, tool steel,
   stainless steel, etc.

                       Single-Screw Extruder

CT Filter
Pressure Value Tester
follows the standard DIN EN 13900-5 to determine the Filter Pressure Value (FPV). CT Filter Pressure Value Tester can be used for polymer compounding development, color masterbatch process, and quality control / assurance.
CT Filter Pressure Value Tester consists of
- CT Single Screw Extruder
- CT Gear Pump
- CT Pressure Monitoring Program

 CT Filter Pressure Value Tester:

- CT Filter Pressure Value Tester with an
   advanced design
- The machine is installed with an electrical
   control panel.
- Easy to control
- Smooth running
- Low cost
- Long service life
              Filter Pressure Value Tester  
CT Internal Mixer used for mixing or compounding and plastics. The mixer is for preparing plastic or rubber formulations by mixing or/and blending polymers and additives in a molten state. There are different factors to achieve a homogenous blend of the different raw materials. User can select mixing rotor types to change the degree of dispersive and distributive mixings.
CT Internal Mixer is a machine for melt blending that involves the intimate mixing of polymer and additives or between different kinds of polymers over a wide range of shear rates and temperatures. Obtaining the well dispersion, polymer compounds and polymer composites are the proper products to the successful finalfabrication.  

CT Internal Mixer is suitable for many applications:
• Polymer and/or rubber compound.
• Polymer and/or rubber composite.
• Polymer and/or rubber blend.
• Food and Food product i.e. starch

CT Internal Mixer can be made upon your requirements:
• Any mixing capacity can be 
  manufactured by CT from small
  size used in laboratory to big size in
• We can supply custom rotor design 
   for the specific application.
• We will recommend the suitable
   material or combination of materials 
   for your application.
Internal Mixer  
CT Compression Molding Machine or CT hydraulic press, is for polymeric shaping in which the molding material, generally preheated, is first placed in an open, heated mold cavity. The mold is closed with a top force or plug member, pressure is applied to force the material into contact with all mold areas, and heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured in the case of rubber compound. The process employs thermosetting resins in a partially cured stage, either in the form of granules, putty-like masses, or preforms. CT Compression Molding Machine is a high-volume, high-pressure equipment suitable for molding complex, high-strength fiberglass reinforcements. Advanced composite thermoplastics can also be compression molded with unidirectional tapes, woven fabrics, randomly orientated fiber mat or chopped strand. The advantage of CT Compression Molding Machine is its ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts. CT Compression Molding Machine produces fewer knit lines and less fiber-length degradation than injection molding machine.
CT Compression Molding Process consists of hydraulic oil tank, hydraulic power unit, hydraulic pump, hydraulic control system, pressure switch, pressure guage, relief valve, hydraulic cylinder, control panel, temperature controller, mould, cavity mold, press lever, heating platen, and cooling platen.
CT Compression Molding Machine:       
• Compression molding machine with the
   advanced design
• Easy to control
• Suitable for plastic and/or rubber
• Pressure adjustment by electrical pressure
• Electrical valves to control up-down
   directions of compression plate.
• The hydraulic components are easily
   accessible for quick maintenance.
Safety valve for over-pressure protection.
Safety door for user protection.
• Pressure releasing system in the case
   of electrical power failure.
• Pressure holding system to extend
   pressure pump life-time and to save energy.
• Low cost
• Long service life
Compression Molding Machine  
CT Colloid Mill is an equipment suitable for:

 reducing the particle size of particulate in dispersion liquid
 mixing immiscible liquids with emulsifier
 preparation of chemical dispersion
 preparation of color pigment dispersion

CT Colloid Mill:
• Lab-scale mill with an advanced design
• Smooth running
• Adjustable rotor speed
• CT Colloid Mill can be equipped with relevant auxiliary
   accessories i.e. screen filter, circulating pipeline for batch
   milling, and
 jacketed vessel for temperature control.
• The special bearings and seals are specifically designed
    to maximize working life.
• Easy to control
• High output
• Low cost
• Long service life

Choices in Rotors and Stators:
• CT makes a wide range of rotors and stators for different
   condition severities.
• CT can supply rotors and stators from many based materials
   i.e. stainless, nitrided steel, tool steel, or high-speed steel.
• Segmented rotors and stators are also available.

                   Colloid Mill   
CT Two-Roll Mill can be used in many applications:
 Rubber sheeting for block rubber laboratory
 Rubber compounding for rubber product industry
 Rubber sheeting / calendering for rubber industry
 Plastic compounding / PVC compounding for plastic industry
 Color masterbatch preparation for rubber and plastic industry
 Expanded snack cracking / milling / grinding for food industry

                    Two-Roll Mill
CT Two-Roll Mill:
 CT Two-Roll Mill with an advanced design
 CT Two-Roll Mill consists of two rolls made of
  steel with hard chrome plating.

 Both rolls run at a fixed speed and a constant
   friction ratio.

 The machine is installed with an electrical
   control panel.

• The machine consists of spur gears to transmit
   the driving power from one roll to another roll.

 Adjustable roll speed and adjustable friction
   ratio are available.

 CT Two-Roll Mill can be equipped with
   CT heating/cooling unit.

• Easy to control
• Smooth running
 Low cost
 Safety functions
• Long service life

The safety of CT Two-Roll Mill:
Safety is a fundamental feature of this machine. Safety knee stopping bars are mounted under the rolls which can be reached easily in the case of emergency stop. Safety screens cover both rolls to protect hands and fingers of operator. The machine also has others safety equipments, such as hand stops, emergency stop switch, overload cut-out equipment, and roll reverse-direction switch.

 CT Intermesh Mixer used for mixing or compounding and additives or thermoplastic elastomer
 blending. There are different factors to achieve a homogenous blend of the different raw materials.
 The intermeshing rotors provide both shear and extensional flows to obtain good dispersive and
 distributive mixings which directly effect the product properties.
CT Intermesh Mixer is suitable for many
• Rubber Compounding
• Thermoplastic Elastomer Preparation
• Rubber Blending
• Food and Food Product i.e. Starch

CT Intermesh Mixer can be made upon your
•Any mixing capacity can be manufactured by
  CT from small size used in laboratory to big
  size in plant.
•We can supply custom rotor design for the
  specific application.
•We will recommend the suitable material or
  combination of materials for your application.
                       Intermesh Mixer

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