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These pieces really set a standard in the indtsury.

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Mojet, eto ya o sebe vo mnojestvennom csilhe?;) Hotya, kak shutila davno odna moya starinnaya priyatelnica, o sebe vo mnojestvennom lice govorat libo koroli, libo ludi stradayuschie (pardon!) glistami Poetomu, vpred budu osmotritelnee;)


CT Single-Screw Extruder

CT Single Screw Extruder is mostly used for continuous shaping material through the extruder die. This shape generally changes to some extent as the material exits from the die.  Many different materials can be formed through CT Single Screw Extruder, i.e. thermoplastics, thermosets, rubbers, and food products. To improve the mixing efficiency, mixing screw element and grooved barrel may be used instead of regular screw and barrel.

CT Single-Screw Extruder

 CT Extruder can be equipped with relevant
    auxiliary accessories i.e. die head and 
    speed-adjustable cutter for producing 
    various products.
 CT makes screws and barrels in various geometries
    and L/D ratios.

 CT can supply screws and barrels in various materials,
    i.e. nitride steel, stainless steel, tool steel, etc.

 Segmented screws and barrels are available.
 Smooth running
 Easy to control
 High output
 Long service life
 Low cost

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