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CT Two-Roll Mill

 CT Two-Roll Mill can be used in many applications:
 Rubber sheeting for block rubber laboratory
 Rubber compounding for rubber product industry
 Rubber sheeting / calendering for rubber industry
 Plastic compounding / PVC compounding for plastic industry
 Color masterbatch preparation for rubber and plastic industry
 Expanded snack cracking / milling / grinding for food industry

CT Two-Roll Mill:
 CT Two-Roll Mill with an advanced design
 CT Two-Roll Mill consists of two rolls made of
  steel with hard chrome plating.

 Both rolls run at a fixed speed and a constant
   friction ratio.

 The machine is installed with an electrical
   control panel.

• The machine consists of spur gears to transmit
   the driving power from one roll to another roll.

 Adjustable roll speed and adjustable friction
   ratio are available.

 CT Two-Roll Mill can be equipped with
   CT heating/cooling unit.

• Easy to control
• Smooth running
 Low cost
 Safety functions
• Long service life

The safety of CT Two-Roll Mill:
Safety is a fundamental feature of this machine. Safety knee stopping bars are mounted under the rolls which can be reached easily in the case of emergency stop. Safety screens cover both rolls to protect hands and fingers of operator. The machine also has others safety equipment, such as hand stops, emergency stop switch, overload cut-out equipment, and roll reverse-direction switch.
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